Social media is barraged with travel photos and sometimes it can ignite the travel spirit in you. The thing with travel is how one needs to be financially able, luckily real travelers don’t really need much of a budget in order to go to the destination they want. Want to be a real traveler and go somewhere you want to explore without much money in your pocket? Here’s some tips to get you to where you want to be without the hard cash. 

1. Define your priorities 

Travel priorities are very important specially to a traveler like you who does not have the luxury to spend so much. If you want to travel comfortably and experience leisure luxuriously, you may need a few months or a year to save up, however life is short. Why would you travel later if you can travel today with just an ample budget on your pocket given the right priorities listed? Priorities narrow down your budget to what’s your goal and what necessary adventure is important to you. It can be connected with the culture, a getaway to relax, going to historical sites or it could be exploring vast flavors. If these are your goals then maybe you should ditch the hotel and spend less through purchasing in the markets sprawled on the streets at night and stay somewhere cheaper and blend in the crowd.  

2. Set a budget 

Even if setting priorities goes a long way to protect you budget or your cash on hand, it is always better to have it all planned and keep everything on a budget, through this you will be ensured that you have a little extra on the side. To ensure that you’re going somewhere within your budget, there are tools online to help you go through the budget of the destinations you input.  

3. Travel rewards card 

Maybe you have always wondered why your mom or dad have so much cards on their wallet and now that you are a bit of an adult, it’s time you kind of understand why. Reward cards are famous to almost anyone because it does not make purchases in vain. On the other hand, a travel rewards card is a great help when it comes to reducing the net cost of the vacation you want. Moreover, it adds value as you go through all the trips you want to enjoy.  

4. Travel on off season 

Travelling on the holidays can be pricey because companies involved knows that everyone will come all at once on airports to get into a plane to go somewhere. Since holidays carve a lot on your travel expenses because fares are at the highest in the holidays of the year, it is best to schedule your travels on off seasons. To ensure you won’t carve out too much of your budget from your plane ticket alone, try to travel early as the year starts or on the early days of autumn. If you are someone who prefers tropical destinations, then be prepared for a crowd when it’s the first two months of the year.  

5. Look for hotel alternatives 

Hotels provide a luxury stay however if you are traveling to experience the culture of the place or to experience the streets of that certain destination then paying for such a big amount can be costly and unnecessary. Hostels provide a cheap alternative when it comes to lodging, however if you are with some dear friends, you can always opt for vacation rentals which are homes rented out with ample space and surely offers lesser pricing.  

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